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Please note:  I promote Healthy sexuality and the art of Being Sexy as a woman! I believe these are two facets of our culture that truly need polishing. 
Most women hide their sexy as a way to be accepted in a judgmental world fearing others thoughts about them.  
Ladies, it is OKAY to allow your feminine to be full and free for the healing of the world and the earth declares it as so! 

As your Sacred Sexual Healer I bring pleasure, depth, genuine Love and authenticity to you and your potential! 

What is Pleasure but the Highest Channel to the Deepest Self Possible!

 Yes, true Pleasure is the missing ingredient in life today. We are all too familiar with work, schedules, and the To Do list!  When was the last time you experienced true authentic pleasure right down to your bones? 

I bring my gifts to you in the most exotic manner in order for you to truly surrender out of your Busy Being character and into a Being of Luminosity through Sheer Joy! 

Feeling is the key to greater potentiality and expansiveness of the Soul. However, the degree in which we allow ourselves to feel is generally guided by old habits, or beliefs!   It is the Souls nature to expand and yet is held back again and again out of unresolved and unconscious fear.  

Allow me, as your Sacred Sexual Healer, to guide you, direct you, teach you and touch you in ways that will open up blocked channels releasing layers of constricted and dense energy that no longer serves you and take to you new heights of your awakening.

I used to be a psychotherapist in my former years, but realize it is, like everything else, too serious, too labeling, too monotonous and too dull!

 Really what we human beings need now is to expand in 
Touch, Joy, Love and All things Wonderful!

It is my Pleasure to make your Acquaintance. 
Thank you for taking time to visit my site. 
 Feel free to dream as you visit my offerings page.  
Remember this is an Investment in YOU!
                                                                                                                             Loving You Fully-Leianna

I do ask that you peruse my sight before calling and actually love emails describing what your dream is and why. 
You can reach me at

Being discerning with whom I work with, it is a must we speak on the phone before a scheduled session to ensure we are a energetic match.

808 281 4984

Recent Love Notes
Dear Leianna Love
The sexual and soul energy that you guided me to create last night was so perfect that I felt like we channeled into that glass bubble I mentioned. You touched my soul in a kind, peaceful way that I needed beyond anything I have ever imagined. You are a very special person to me and I am so blessed to have been lead to you by the positivity of the Creator. I would love to meet with you again this evening if you are available. 
Whatever you are doing please keep doing it! You touched me profoundly with you and your kindness. You trusteed me like I trust others. I have never met anyone who did this like me.
Peace, Love and Blessings

What my Clients have said...

"There is not enough money to pay you for what I just experienced!"
"Haven't felt this way in Years!"
"I am changing my direction in life because of you.. Thank You!"
"Knowing you - has changed me!"
"You have touched me like none other!"


I have trained in many facets of the Human Potential, both in personal experience and through professional credentials.  I hold a Masters Degree in Somatic Psychology / Dance Movement Therapy from a Buddhist Inspired University in Boulder Colorado (The Naropa University). I have a BA degree in Physical Education and Health; I am accredited with the American Dance Therapy Association; I have earned and practiced as an LPC (licensed professional counselor) in the past, and I have a 250 hour training as a Yoga Teacher. Also,I am certified from the Goddess Rising Clairvoyant School in Boulder Colorado  which promotes my ability to be an intuitive/spiritual guide for your highest potential.  

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